Uncommon Friends Foundation Establishes Walk of Friendship


Uncommon Friends logo pic Since 1992, the Uncommon Friends Foundation has worked to preserve the historic Burroughs Home. Built in 1901, the house became a cultural centerpiece of Florida’s Fort Myers River District. Its owner, Nelson T. Burroughs, enjoyed a lifelong friendship with Uncommon Friends founder Jim Newton and welcomed a variety of prominent guests to his now-historic home, including Thomas Edison and Henry Ford. In honor of this camaraderie, Thomas Edison began a paved walkway on the grounds of the Burroughs Home to commemorate the lives of his friends.

The Uncommon Friends Foundation recently continued this tradition, establishing the Walk of Friendship. Supporters may purchase paved stones to honor both individuals and organizations, creating an enduring reminder of their significance. The stones will serve as a walkway leading to the Gaile McBride Pavilion, a new meeting space adjacent to the Burroughs Home. Funded by generous donations to the foundation, the pavilion will host various cultural events, character education classes, and additional activities in line with the goals of the Uncommon Friends Foundation.


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